The Standard

This is the UK Standard for Reclaimed Parts From End-of-Life Vehicles.
It defines criteria that vehicle recyclers need to achieve, covering:

  • A quality management system;
  • End-of-life vehicle acquisition and identification;
  • Parts grading, testing, recording and storage; and
  • Parts marketing, sale, delivery and traceability.

Latest version: 1.1 (7 August 2020)

Download a Copy of the Standard:

The Scheme Rules

These define the rules to be followed by:

  • Certification bodies appointed by VRAC; and
  • UK vehicle recyclers obtaining and maintaining certification.

Download a copy of the Scheme Rules:

Information Sheet

A short introduction to the Standard and the Scheme.

Download a copy of the Information Sheet

Use of the VRAC Certified Recycler Logo

Vehicle recyclers who have gained and hold valid certification may use the ‘VRAC Certified Vehicle Recycler’ logo on promotional materia and their website.

This doucment sets out the Terms and Conditions for use of the logo.

Certified vehicle recyclers may obtain a logo pack either from their certification body or from the VRAC directly.

Download a copy of the logo terms and conditions

Policy statement – COVID-19 and remote audits

This Policy Statement sets out VRAC’s position on what certification bodies should do when national and/or local rules prevent an on-site Phase 2 audit from taking place.

It sets out requirements for remote (desk) audits in relevant scenarios.

Download a copy