VRAC has appointed two professional certification bodies to assess a vehicle recycler’s conformance to the UK Standard for Reclaimed Parts from End-of-Life Vehicles. This will be in accordance with the VRAC scheme rules. See the ‘Documents’ page of this website for further information.

During the eBay funded phase of the certification scheme, VRAC will allocate registered vehicle recyclers to one of the two certification bodies. Each certification body has their own certification agreement which they will need to agree with you before they can begin to assess your documents and on-site procedures.


Interface NRM is a UKAS Accredited Certification Body, specialising in fast, efficient and effective customer-focused Management System and Product Certification. We focus on traceability and supply chain certification, working with a wide range of industries who move traceable parts and products internally and up and down supply chains. Interface prides itself on focusing on clients, addressing their needs, and supporting them through the certification process. We only use knowledgeable and positive auditors, and ensure a rapid and responsive service. No automated phone answering, no passing you around. You have a dedicated point of contact.

We are UKAS accredited for ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 certification, as well as specialist product traceability Standards, and a provider of the VRAC reclaimed parts from end of life vehicles certification. This means we can provide effective certification and advice on opportunities for improvement covering traceability, grading, environmental management and health and safety. Our clients include large multi-national companies through to micro-businesses.



RMI Standards and Certification is a subsidiary company established with the backing of the Retail Motor Industry Federation, providing training, auditing and certification to the automotive sector and beyond.

We are a UKAS-accredited certification body, operating to international standards. We provide the highest standards of certification services associated with the retail motor industry to help your business to improve its performance, reduce risk, and demonstrate quality to your customers.

Able to certify to the VRAC Standard, we can audit your business to provide re-assurance to your customers and at the same time shine a light into your business processes. We will assess how your organisation is run and if required, offer recommendations enabling you to meet the requirements of the Standard. Once you have proved that you meet the requirements, you will be awarded with certification inspiring confidence in you and the services you provide.