Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee oversees the governance of the Vehicle Recycler Certification Scheme in order to ensure it operates impartially and fairly and in accordance with the scheme rules.


Members of the Committee are drawn from a range of sectors relevant to vehicle recycling and the supply, marketing, sale and use of reclaimed parts.

Chas AmbroseVehicle Recyclers’ Association
Tim BarkerInterface NRM (Observer)
David CresswellABP Club
Chris DaglisAuto PARTnered Solutions (VICE CHAIR)
Paul DarwellRMISC (Observer)
Gavin JordanInterface NRM
Chris MorganASM Motors
Adam MurraySolus
Laura RichardseBay
Aslam VaidRMISC
Chris WeeksNational Body Repair Association
Technical Advisory Committee Members

Terms of Reference

Code of Conduct